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Bedding Basics

Yvonne Estelle's Bedding Basics Collection


Invest in a better, more comfortable night's rest with these high quality bedding essentials, including mattress pads, duvets and pillows.

At Yvonne Estelle's we search the world for stylish, quality items that are meant to be used and loved in everyday homes. Quality and good design lasts! In today's world of 'big-box', mass-produced items this may seem impossible; but, at Yvonne Estelle's we find the impossible. There is something special about items with great design made with care ... some of the products we sell are made by manufacturers that have been in business for over a hundred years. Our quality items may cost a little more, but they last and provide pleasure every day.

Sourced from around the world.

As a Brick and Mortar Store, Yvonne Estelle's has all the current bedding swatches available in our Park Ridge store. Need help with selecting the right bedding combination? ... give us a call at (847) 518-1232 and we'll be happy to help.


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