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Pyar & Co.

Pyar & Co. was founded in 2011 by Paula Queen after she visited India for the first time to celebrate her marriage to her new husband, Sumit, a native of India. Inspired by the luxurious fabric and intricate beading of her own wedding sari, and by the vivid colors, embellishments and intricate patterns of the saris she saw all around her in India, Paula knew she had to find a way to translate everything she loved about these pieces and bring it back to the American market. It was this inspiration that catapulted Paula Queen from her life in business management into a life designing and producing luxury home accessories. Created from the most luxurious fabrics found in India, every handcrafted piece in the Pyar & Co. collection tells its own story. Handmade in India by local artisans using the finest textiles and embellishments, everything used in the collection, from hand-dyed threads and unique beads to sequins and metal studs, is found in local markets and is ethically sourced and fairly traded. And, as always, FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150.
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