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Arte Italica Tavola Serving Bowl

TheArte Italica Tavola Serving Bowl is comprised of pewter and glass. As versatile as it is beautiful, this collection is perfect for everything from daily use to fine dining.Handmade in Italy. 

  • Size - 9"d x 5"h

CARE:  Dishwasher Safe - This product is dishwasher safe to a maximum of 130°F. Use a non-citrus, non-abrasive detergent and use the air dry cycle.  Do not use the high heat or sanitizer setting on your dishwasher.  Do not soak in water.  Do not use the abrasive side of your sponge.  As with any metal, prolonged exposure to citrus, vinegar and other acidic foods can harm the finish of pewter, so please wash your pewter immediately.  Not Microwave Safe - This product should never be put in the microwave.  Not Oven Safe - This product should never be put in the oven.


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