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Pillivuyt Bakeware

Pillivuyt Bakeware is fine culinary porcelain and is internationally known for its quality, durability, and toughness. The exceptional glazing on all Pillivuyt bakeware creates a natural anti-stick surface that is easy to clean and a joy to use. Freezer, Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven, & Broiler Safe! Made in France.

As a Pillivuyt Partner store, Yvonne Estelle's has a large selection of Pillivuyt bakeware available in our Park Ridge store; while, others are available by special order. And, as always, we offers FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150.

Shop Pillivuyt Bakeware

Pillivuyt 3-inch Round Eared Dish
Pillivuyt 5-inch Round Eared Dish
Pillivuyt 6-inch Round Eared Dish
Pillivuyt 7-inch Round Eared Dish
Pillivuyt Mini Oval Eared Dish
Pillivuyt Petite Oval Eared Dish
Pillivuyt Small Oval Eared Dish
Pillivuyt Medium Oval Eared Dish
Pillivuyt Large Oval Eared Dish
Pillivuyt Medium Deep Oval Baker
Pillivuyt Large Deep Oval Baker
Pillivuyt Extra Large Deep Oval Baker
Pillivuyt Small Square Baker
Pillivuyt Medium Square Baker
Pillivuyt Large Square Baker
Pillivuyt Extra Large Square Baker
Pillivuyt Small Rectangular Baker
Pillivuyt Medium Rectangular Baker
Pillivuyt Large Rectangular Baker
Pillivuyt Square Lasagne Baker
Pillivuyt Medium Lasagne Baker
Pillivuyt Large Lasagne Baker
Pillivuyt Large Deep Eared Roaster
Pillivuyt Extra Large Deep Eared Roaster


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