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Juliska Drinkware

Juliska Drinkware is mouth-blown by artisans in Czechoslovakia. Hold a Juliska Goblet and feel the artisan difference; each piece has its own character and story (small bubbles and size variations). Made in Czechoslovakia.

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Juliska Amalia Small Tulip Goblet
Juliska Amalia Large Tulip Goblet
Juliska Amalia Tulip Champagne Flute
Juliska Amalia Stemless White Wine
Juliska Amalia Stemless Red Wine
Juliska Amalia Full Body Red Wine
Juliska Amalia Light Body Red Wine
Juliska Amalia Light Body White Wine
Juliska Amalia Full Body White Wine
Juliska Amalia Champagne Flute (set of 2)
Juliska Amalia Grande Flute
Juliska Amalia Martini Glass
Juliska Amalia Double Old Fashioned
Juliska Amalia Highball
Juliska Amalia Pilsner
Juliska Colette Clear Footed Goblet
Juliska Colette Clear HIghball
Juliska Colette Clear Tumbler
Juliska Colette Delft Blue Footed Goblet
Juliska Colette Delft Blue HIghball
Juliska Colette Delft Blue Tumbler
Juliska Colette Green Footed Goblet
Juliska Colette Green Highball
Juliska Colette Green Tumbler


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