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Parade your prettiest posies in our collection of vases that add dimension and versatility to your decor and are perfect for gifting, too.

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Simon Pearce Barre Small Vase
Simon Pearce Pure Anemone Medium Vase
Simon Pearce Dover Footed Vase
Simon Pearce Newbury Vase
Simon Pearce Weston Vase
Simon Pearce Shelburne Posy Vase
Simon Pearce Woodbury Flare Vase
Michael Aram Black Orchid Small Vase
Michael Aram Black Orchid Medium Vase
Michael Aram Black Orchid Large Vase
Juliska Harriet Fishbowl Vase
Juliska Isabella Posy Vase
Juliska Ines Vase
Juliska Isadora Tall Vase
Juliska Graham Footed Trumpet Vase
Juliska Arden Flared Column Vase
Juliska Amalia Round Vase
Juliska Naomi Vase
Juliska Graham Mini Vase
Simon Pearce Addison Vase
Simon Pearce Barre Bud Vase
Simon Pearce Barre Tall Vase
Simon Pearce Barre Large Vase
Simon Pearce Charlotte Vase


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