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Pillivuyt ... Freezer, Dishwasher, Microwave, Oven, & Broiler Safe! At Yvonne Estelle's we can't say enough about Pillivuyt. Since 1818, Pillivuyt has been producing fine culinary porcelain and is internationally known for its quality, durability, and toughness. With Pillivuyt, form and function are perfectly combined to make this one of the most versatile, practical and beautiful culinary porcelains for today. The exceptional glazing on all Pillivuyt products creates a natural anti-stick surface that is easy to clean and a joy to use. Made in France.

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Pillivuyt Bakeware Pillivuyt Serveware Pillivuyt Sancerre Pillivuyt Plisse Pillivuyt Quartet Pillivuyt Fleur de Provence Pillivuyt Brasserie Pillivuyt Eden

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Pillivuyt Medium Eden Lasagne Baker
Pillivuyt Large Eden Lasagne Baker
Pillivuyt Eden Medium Oval Baker
Pillivuyt Eden Large Oval Baker
Pillivuyt Eden Small Round Bakers
Pillivuyt Eden Large Round Bakers
Pillivuyt Faceted Terrine
Pillivuyt Medium Oval Covered Casserole
Pillivuyt Large Oval Covered Casserole
Pillivuyt Round Covered Casserole
Pillivuyt Lion's Head Tureens
Pillivuyt Classic Footed Bowls
Pillivuyt Eared Soup Bowl
Pillivuyt Coffee Bowl
Pillivuyt Standard Bowl
Pillivuyt Pasta Bowl
Pillivuyt Rice Bowl
Pillivuyt Eden Bowls
Pillivuyt Tart Pans
Pillivuyt Classic Pleated Souffles
Pillivuyt Deep Classic Pleated Souffles
Pillivuyt Creme Brulee
Pillivuyt Muffin Mold
Pillivuyt Patisserie Brioche Mold


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