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Revol Revolution Collection

The Revol Revolution Collection is a completely non-porous, ceramic cookware made from a new proprietary material from Revol. Revolution cookware is suitable for all types of heat source, including stove top and, where indicated, induction, and has a higher thermal-shock resistance than any other non-porous culinary ceramic known today. The anti-adhesive enameled surface is easy to clean. Revol Revolution cookware is also freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Made in France.

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Revol Revolution Small Individual Cocotte
Revol Revolution Medium Individual Cocotte
Revol Revolution Round Small Concotte
Revol Revolution Round Medium Concotte
Revol Revolution Round Large Concotte
Revol Revolution Round Extra Large Concotte
Revol Revolution Oval Concotte
Revol Revolution Tajine


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